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ShriKant Vashishtha is an enterprise Agile Coach, IT strategist, trainer, thinker and hands-on geek. He is passionate towards enterprise Agile transformation, quality aspect of software development including TDD, refactoring, Continuous Delivery, DevOps and Test Automation. He can be reached at

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6 comments on “TDD Nuggets
  1. hatim says:

    great summary. Maybe you can link detailed public articles to reinforce these points. Excellent resource for new comers to TDD

  2. Good point hatim. I will update the post with links.

  3. ShriKant Vashishtha says:

    Links and references are displayed with red arrow (–>) sign in the mindmap.

  4. ShriKant Vashishtha says:

    I realized that some people are trying to print this page which doesnt work because of Flash content. I have added a “Printer Friendly Version” in form of PDF at the bottom of post

  5. Hy,
    Thanks. See also the cheat sheets from my friend urs enzler:
    Have fun

  6. steven says:

    i have to disagree with the testdata part. i think test data belongs in the test class, not outside of it in some objectmother.
    objectmother ends up as some massive one-time use set of data all lumped together. then people think they can make the objectmother use its own testdata to override defaults and what not. this then ends up being a huge pain when all you want to know is what exactly some testdata is without going through hurdles of abstractions.
    tldr: objectmother is a pile of shit and already known as a antipattern

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