QuickTip : WordPress Freemind Viewer Plugin – Align to Left

For my one of the blogs TDD Nuggets I used Freemind Viewer plugin which worked really well. However it had one annoying issue. The mindmap was somehow was not aligned to left. Because of that the whole mindmap was not visible and one has to drag it on the page to see it fully. That itself was a big hindrance to usability.

In order to display Flash based mindmap, following change was required in wp-freemind/wp-freemind.php plugin file and it finally worked.

var fo = new FlashObject("/wp-content/plugins/wp-freemind/visorFreemind.swf", "visorFreeMind", "100%", "100%", 6, "#9999ff");

In above mentioned snippet, line 4 is added in order to set “offsetX” FlashObject variable.

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