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When BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) may not work?

TweetFor quite some time there have been talks on using BDD in order to have: Better collaboration between Business Analysts (BAs), developers and testers. A common domain language for functional testing and for defining functional acceptance criteria, which everybody in

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QuickTip: Grails Selenium IDE – “Firefox extension not compatible with browser”

TweetThese days I am looking at Grails functional testing part. For recording Selenium scripts, generally the best thing to use is Firefox IDE plugin. It’s possible to convert the Selenium scripts to a test-case in the related programming language (Java,

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Why to Use FitNesse or ATDD on Top of Selenium?

TweetFor Web Application development Selenium is a defacto tool for functional testing with its click and capture capability through browser plugin. At the end of recording, Selenium script can be converted in a test-case in almost any programming language. Immediately

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Distributed Agile: Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) in Practice

TweetIn one of my posts (Agile Testing – Incremental Functional Test Approach) I discussed about the impedance mismatch between developers and tester in Agile team. The basic issue is – testers receive the user-stories at the end of sprint when

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Chain-Link Pattern : Developer/Tester or Sales/Delivery Relationships

TweetIn my last blog I discussed how in an Agile team “we vs they” (between developers and testers) phenomena can severly damage team dynamics. The idea is – it doesn’t work when two links of a chain consider them isolated and independent

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