QuickTip: Grails Selenium IDE – “Firefox extension not compatible with browser”

These days I am looking at Grails functional testing part. For recording Selenium scripts, generally the best thing to use is Firefox IDE plugin. It’s possible to convert the Selenium scripts to a test-case in the related programming language (Java, PHP, C# etc). I was looking for a similar formatter for Grails also which is available at github.

I tried to install it but it complained with an error “Firefox extension not compatible with browser” which simply means that the plugin has not been tested with related FireFox version. As Firefox versions are progressing like anything, people are having hard time to find suitable plugin version. As I said earlier, though the plugin is not tested with relevant Firefox version, it doesn’t mean that it won’t work with latest Firefox version.

For Grails Selenium IDE formatter issue, I looked at a blog which provided the solution to my problem. I edited the Grails IDE formatter source code based on the directions mentioned in this blog and it worked like a charm.

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