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Chain-Link Pattern : Developer/Tester or Sales/Delivery Relationships

TweetIn my last blog I discussed how in an Agile team “we vs they” (between developers and testers) phenomena can severly damage team dynamics. The idea is – it doesn’t work when two links of a chain consider them isolated and independent

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QuickTip: Playing .flv files on Ubuntu

TweetI downloaded some video presentations in .flv format and I struggled a bit to find right and the best player to run them. Ubuntu movie player complained even after installing certain updates. Finally I realized the best choice on Windows

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Ubuntu QuickTip: sudo ant doesn’t work!

TweetToday I picked up latest sources of Maven3 from its svn repo and started building it on Ubuntu. As part of the build, you need to run “ant” command which at the end tries to copy stuff to /usr/ directory

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Working with Ubuntu: Infinitely Recursive Directory Structure on Windows

TweetIf you are working in dual boot mode on Ubuntu with Windows, it might be quite tempting to use Windows drive as the shared drive to work on the same thing so that you can switch between OS based on

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Ubuntu 9.10: Installing RabbitVCS as Subversion Client

TweetAs I am migrating towards Ubuntu, I felt the need of having TortoiseSVN like SVN client here also. Out of the options I searched for, RabbitVCS was the closest towards what I was looking for. However while installing it, I

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QuickTip: Springsource Tool Suite 2.2.1 on Ubuntu 9.10 – Import doesn’t work

TweetToday while working with latest STS on Ubuntu 9.10 I observed that it simply doesn’t work properly. While importing projects, nothing happened. Later I found out that it has to do with a bug on Eclipse 3.5 for which a

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QuickTip: Postgresql DB Creation on Ubuntu

TweetRecently I resumed working on Ubuntu. While setting up the working environment, I had to setup Postgressql followed by creating a new database and stuff like that. In between I encountered certain problems and correspondingly found solutions also. Through this

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QuickTip: Running Java with Classpath in Cygwin

TweetIf you are running a Java program and your classpath is in UNIX separator style (‘/’ instead of ”), you may be in trouble as java.exe is Windows specific executable which understands Windows separator and not UNIX style separator. To

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Working with Cygterm on Windows

TweetQuite a few of my colleagues use Ubuntu as OS for development purposes. For all these years, though I have been working on Linux and UNIX, I haven’t migrated to full-fledged Linux because of many reasons. As working with command

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