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Chain-Link Pattern : Developer/Tester or Sales/Delivery Relationships

TweetIn my last blog I discussed how in an Agile team “we vs they” (between developers and testers) phenomena can severly damage team dynamics. The idea is – it doesn’t work when two links of a chain consider them isolated and independent

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Cross-cultural differences in software development – Organizational patterns

TweetI hope it’s not any hidden fact anymore to realize the real value of Jim Coplien’s work on “Organization Patterns of Agile Software Development“. It talks about some of the very important factors other than pure technical for the software

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People issues in Indian IT

TweetIndian IT companies have been on recruitment spree for quite sometime. Because of global recession, may be recruitment has become a little bit slow but how about thinking a target of recruiting 25000 people in one year. You will go

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Challenges of a new project manager in Indian IT company

TweetI have been thinking about this problem for quite a long time now. The problem may be more evident in Indian software companies. I am not sure if it exist in other countries also but for sure, it does exist

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