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When BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) may not work?

TweetFor quite some time there have been talks on using BDD in order to have: Better collaboration between Business Analysts (BAs), developers and testers. A common domain language for functional testing and for defining functional acceptance criteria, which everybody in

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Developer First Test Automation

TweetWaterfall made a clear demarcation between developers and testers. While moving from waterfall to Agile, both development and testing has to be grinded in a way that you can’t separate from testing activity from development. People in Agile projects are

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Dev Box Testing : Reduce Your Bug Life Cycle

TweetThe idea of dev-box testing is simple but very effective. Let’s take an example of a development cycle: Developer implements the functionality along with unit and integration tests and when she’s satisfied she commits the source code in the source

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Agile Team Dynamics : Developers vs Testers/Designers

TweetYesterday I had a conversations with one of my colleagues Prakash who works as a tester in an Agile project. “So how is it going on?”, I asked. Prakash took a deep breath and said, “Umm…workwise I think I am

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Agile Testing – Incremental Functional Test Approach

TweetSoftware development is all about incremental functional development. However we find a great impedance mismatch between development and testing synchronization. Though we talk about continuous integration and verification, most of the user stories come for verification only at the end

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Efficacy of Automated Acceptance Testing: Some Practical Facts

TweetThese days there is good amount of debate on the efficacy of the automated acceptance tests. Many have started believing that current way of acceptance testing is a waste as it doesn’t provide you the relevant ROI as you’d expect

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