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QuickTip : Editing Gradle Scripts with Textmate

TweetYou need to associate ‘.gradle’ extension with groovy as follows: First if not done already, install groovy textmate bundle from In Textmate, open “Bundles –> Bundle Editor –> Edit Languages –> Groovy” and change as follows: to In order

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eclipse-to-maven : Printing Dependency Tree of Eclipse projects or Workspace

TweetMany a times when you need to understand or optimize the dependency tree in Eclipse projects, it’s simpler to look at .classpath file or at the build path of Eclipse project. However it doesn’t remain practical for a big workspace

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Distributed Agile : Bridging Communication Gap with Virtual “One Room”

TweetWhile working in distributed Agile, one of the repeated patterns is “2-dimensional (2D) communication”. Distributed communication generally happens with Skype video and Mikogo desktop sharing tools. Skype kind of video-chat solutions help in bringing distances closer as team members can

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QuickTip : Grails 2 on Cygwin doesn’t work – Error opening zip file or JAR manifest missing

TweetInstalling new version of Grails is easy. However it’s quite a pain to make it running on Cygwin. The problem is as follows: Jdk 5 introduced “javaagent” as one of the JAVA_OPTS and it has been used in running Grails

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QuickTip: Tree on CygWin

TweetI like tree command on linux which provide you the snapshot of the directory structure and files in a tree view. Something like this: As most of the times I use CygWin on Windows, I wanted to get ‘tree’ working

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Working with Cygterm on Windows

TweetQuite a few of my colleagues use Ubuntu as OS for development purposes. For all these years, though I have been working on Linux and UNIX, I haven’t migrated to full-fledged Linux because of many reasons. As working with command

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