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Custom maven plugin development – plugin execution not covered by lifecycle configuration

TweetYou are creating a custom maven plugin, everything works but when it comes to using it in a maven module inside Eclipse, m2eclipse plugin cries with message – “plugin execution not covered by lifecycle configuration”. Now one could find a

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QuickTip : Github Multiple Accounts Access with ssh

TweetLet’s say we have two github accounts named “shrikant-home” and “shrikant-work”. I would like to access both accounts from ssh. I hope you have already created public and private keys for both github accounts and added in the ssh settings

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QuickTip : Editing Gradle Scripts with Textmate

TweetYou need to associate ‘.gradle’ extension with groovy as follows: First if not done already, install groovy textmate bundle from In Textmate, open “Bundles –> Bundle Editor –> Edit Languages –> Groovy” and change as follows: to In order

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QuickTip : WordPress Freemind Viewer Plugin – Align to Left

TweetFor my one of the blogs TDD Nuggets I used Freemind Viewer plugin which worked really well. However it had one annoying issue. The mindmap was somehow was not aligned to left. Because of that the whole mindmap was not

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QuickTip : Maven Surefire plugin – Unsupported major.minor version 51.0

TweetRecently I tried using JDK-7 for one small Java project with Maven and I faced issues in surefire plugin: Just to make sure I used following maven-compiler-plugin configuration for JDK-7 in my pom.xml. However my build still failed. Surefire plugin

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QuickTip: Grails Selenium IDE – “Firefox extension not compatible with browser”

TweetThese days I am looking at Grails functional testing part. For recording Selenium scripts, generally the best thing to use is Firefox IDE plugin. It’s possible to convert the Selenium scripts to a test-case in the related programming language (Java,

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QuickTip : Grails 2 on Cygwin doesn’t work – Error opening zip file or JAR manifest missing

TweetInstalling new version of Grails is easy. However it’s quite a pain to make it running on Cygwin. The problem is as follows: Jdk 5 introduced “javaagent” as one of the JAVA_OPTS and it has been used in running Grails

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QuickTip: Tree on CygWin

TweetI like tree command on linux which provide you the snapshot of the directory structure and files in a tree view. Something like this: As most of the times I use CygWin on Windows, I wanted to get ‘tree’ working

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QuickTip: Changing Resolution on VirtualBox

TweetRecently I installed Ubuntu on VirtualBox. After installation, to my shock I could see only 800 x 600 and even lower screen resolutions. If you want to change the resolution the way you want, here is the tip: When you

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QuickTip: Testing Custom Constraints in Grails

TweetIt’s important to have test cases for your domain constraints in Grails. Sometimes, when you don’t see the availability of some constraints as Grails plugins, you would like to create one for yourself. Testing a constraint itself is pretty straightforward

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