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nanolog : WordPress Theme – Custom Width for a Post or Page

TweetProblem The width of WordPress theme was less. Wanted to extend it for a specific page used for displaying a mindmap with Freemind wordpress plugin.

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Nanologs – When Blogs and Tweets Don’t Work

TweetTwitter promised brevity. People  didn’t have that much time to look at detailed descriptions or articles. At the same time everybody didn’t have that much of articulation skill so that they could write their experiences properly as web pages. Twitter

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nanolog : Moving from Windows to Mac – Keys

Tweet End/Home key – [option]+right/left key File cut-paste – [command]+C does copy and [option]+[command]+V does file movement. [command]+V does only file copy to location For Mac windows management – use ShiftIt application To switch between application windows – use [command]-~ Undo –

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