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QuickTip: Grails Selenium IDE – “Firefox extension not compatible with browser”

TweetThese days I am looking at Grails functional testing part. For recording Selenium scripts, generally the best thing to use is Firefox IDE plugin. It’s possible to convert the Selenium scripts to a test-case in the related programming language (Java,

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Why to Use FitNesse or ATDD on Top of Selenium?

TweetFor Web Application development Selenium is a defacto tool for functional testing with its click and capture capability through browser plugin. At the end of recording, Selenium script can be converted in a test-case in almost any programming language. Immediately

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Distributed Agile: Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) in Practice

TweetIn one of my posts (Agile Testing – Incremental Functional Test Approach) I discussed about the impedance mismatch between developers and tester in Agile team. The basic issue is – testers receive the user-stories at the end of sprint when

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QuickTip : Grails 2 on Cygwin doesn’t work – Error opening zip file or JAR manifest missing

TweetInstalling new version of Grails is easy. However it’s quite a pain to make it running on Cygwin. The problem is as follows: Jdk 5 introduced “javaagent” as one of the JAVA_OPTS and it has been used in running Grails

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QuickTip: Testing Custom Constraints in Grails

TweetIt’s important to have test cases for your domain constraints in Grails. Sometimes, when you don’t see the availability of some constraints as Grails plugins, you would like to create one for yourself. Testing a constraint itself is pretty straightforward

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