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Refactoring Flex application from existing Adobe AIR codebase

TweetAdobe AIR is a great technology to provide platform-independent desktop RIA applications. Gone are the days when Windows operating system used to be ubiquitous in desktop market. That’s the reason why Adobe AIR is considered as the future of desktop

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Getting through Popup Blockers with in Flex

TweetIt was a few years back when I last worked with Javascript. Things have changed significantly in between and one of the things which we people always like is the introduction of popup-blockers in browser world. I hope you remember

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Productive Tools on top of Flex Builder 3

TweetAs I got introduced to Flex world some times back, I started using Flex Builder as an IDE, a product from Adobe on top of Eclipse platform. I assumed that it’ll provide all the basic features available in Eclipse for

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Current Architectural Frameworks Developments in Flex

TweetFlex provides means to create RIA applications in declarative fashion using MXML. Unlike Swing where you need to do the entire coding in Java, Flex hides a lot of complexity behind MXML tags like JSTL/taglibs do for JSPs. In JSP

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