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The Need of Agile Architect in Scrum Team

TweetNobody can question if you implement the Agile practices in Waterfall projects. If you talk about XP practices in general, they are not really specific about any methodology. Pair-programming, CI, TDD etc all make sense in any methodology. However one

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"Missing Roles in Scrum" and "Holistic Success of the Software Projects"

TweetRecently I had a discussion with one of my colleagues over the definition of Agile Architect role. Scrum doesn’t have any room for such role. The whole idea behind that is – just by labeling a person with a role

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Refactoring Flex application from existing Adobe AIR codebase

TweetAdobe AIR is a great technology to provide platform-independent desktop RIA applications. Gone are the days when Windows operating system used to be ubiquitous in desktop market. That’s the reason why Adobe AIR is considered as the future of desktop

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Current Architectural Frameworks Developments in Flex

TweetFlex provides means to create RIA applications in declarative fashion using MXML. Unlike Swing where you need to do the entire coding in Java, Flex hides a lot of complexity behind MXML tags like JSTL/taglibs do for JSPs. In JSP

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TDD without Strategic Design – Mess?

TweetSometimes back there was an interesting debate between Agile manifesto founder member Bob Martin and renowned Jim Coplien about the relevance of good design principles in TDD based development. Jim had very thought provoking views about what people do in

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