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When KISS Backfires

TweetI started working in software projects when C++ was the only highly popular programming language. There used to be a lot of focus in writing optimal programs or routines. So though the applications were optimal, they suffered from Waterfall mindset

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Worldwide Distributed Agile Team – Some Thoughts

TweetQuestion: How do you think we can handle Agile approach with a worldwide distributed team (Latin America, US, France, UK, Germany & Hungary)? I can have developers at one location, but not Product Owner nor QA team. Any experience to share?

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4 Agile Practices for Waterfall World

TweetIt’s pretty usual to see people from Agile world keep on bashing the Waterfall methodology because of its inherent problems. To be honest, a big majority of the organizations still work in Waterfall mode. So sometimes I used to think,

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What Motivates Scrum Team?

TweetEffectiveness of Scrum based team depends a lot on motivation level of team members. It’s important to understand the factors which motivate a Scrum team irrespective of the background of Scrum Master/Project Manager. I this post first I will focus

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Why Incorrect Agile Adoption may Invite Burnouts?

TweetBefore moving to Agile I worked with Waterfall for around 10 years. Throughout those years I could see people working day and night in development phase. Sometimes teams used to work from 9AM-8PM rhythm non-stop even without knowing why are

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Why to Use FitNesse or ATDD on Top of Selenium?

TweetFor Web Application development Selenium is a defacto tool for functional testing with its click and capture capability through browser plugin. At the end of recording, Selenium script can be converted in a test-case in almost any programming language. Immediately

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Distributed Agile: Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) in Practice

TweetIn one of my posts (Agile Testing – Incremental Functional Test Approach) I discussed about the impedance mismatch between developers and tester in Agile team. The basic issue is – testers receive the user-stories at the end of sprint when

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Distributed Agile : Bridging Communication Gap with Virtual “One Room”

TweetWhile working in distributed Agile, one of the repeated patterns is “2-dimensional (2D) communication”. Distributed communication generally happens with Skype video and Mikogo desktop sharing tools. Skype kind of video-chat solutions help in bringing distances closer as team members can

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Things Without Which Distributed Agile Won’t Work

TweetFrom my experience while working with multiple distributed Agile projects, following things are very important: Frequent collocation (every quarter at least) with clearly defined goals to achieve from each side. At the end of collocation it’s important to do a

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TDD Nuggets

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