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xml-utilities : High Level XML Java Utility APIs

TweetI have been working on Java with XML since 2002. It used to be quite confusing and complex to get the value of a tag for example as it required to get into Node level. Here’s an example: From functional

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QuickTip : Github Multiple Accounts Access with ssh

TweetLet’s say we have two github accounts named “shrikant-home” and “shrikant-work”. I would like to access both accounts from ssh. I hope you have already created public and private keys for both github accounts and added in the ssh settings

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QuickTip : Editing Gradle Scripts with Textmate

TweetYou need to associate ‘.gradle’ extension with groovy as follows: First if not done already, install groovy textmate bundle from In Textmate, open “Bundles –> Bundle Editor –> Edit Languages –> Groovy” and change as follows: to In order

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Building Soft Skills of Agile Team – Key to Real Success

TweetIt’s easy to work in isolation as nobody bothers you. It still works when you work in cubicle like structures where you speak when you really need to. People need to come to your cubicle to reach you. I may

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How to break requirements into user-stories

TweetIt’s easy to talk in terms of the user-stories but when it comes to create them, it may be a daunting task to break features into smaller functional chunks. This is not very specific to Agile only as the same

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eclipse-to-maven : Printing Dependency Tree of Eclipse projects or Workspace

TweetMany a times when you need to understand or optimize the dependency tree in Eclipse projects, it’s simpler to look at .classpath file or at the build path of Eclipse project. However it doesn’t remain practical for a big workspace

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Converting Eclipse Workspace to Maven – Why eclipse-to-maven?

Tweet Through this post, I would like to analyse the factors on why to mavenise the existing Eclipse based workspace using eclipse-to-maven project. Focus on business goals instead of just doing build ANT is a low level language and requires

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nanolog : WordPress Theme – Custom Width for a Post or Page

TweetProblem The width of WordPress theme was less. Wanted to extend it for a specific page used for displaying a mindmap with Freemind wordpress plugin.

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When KISS Backfires

TweetI started working in software projects when C++ was the only highly popular programming language. There used to be a lot of focus in writing optimal programs or routines. So though the applications were optimal, they suffered from Waterfall mindset

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Nanologs – When Blogs and Tweets Don’t Work

TweetTwitter promised brevity. People  didn’t have that much time to look at detailed descriptions or articles. At the same time everybody didn’t have that much of articulation skill so that they could write their experiences properly as web pages. Twitter

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