QuickTip : Github Multiple Accounts Access with ssh

Let’s say we have two github accounts named “shrikant-home” and “shrikant-work”.

I would like to access both accounts from ssh.

I hope you have already created public and private keys for both github accounts and added in the ssh settings as mentioned at http://help.github.com/mac-set-up-git/

Now create a file named ~/.ssh/config file and make following entries

Host shrikant-home.github.com
  HostName github.com
  User shrikant-home
  PreferredAuthentications publickey
  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/shrikant-home

Host shrikant-work.github.com
  HostName github.com
  User shrikant-work
  PreferredAuthentications publickey
  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/shrikant-work

In above entries we made two different aliases “shrikant-home.github.com” and “shrikant-work.github.com” for same HostName github.com. This change is very important for rest of the remaining changes.

Now add the private keys “shrikant-home” and “shrikant-work” with ssh-add command as follows

$ cd ~/.ssh
$ ssh-add ./shrikant-home
$ ssh-add ./shrikant-work

The listing of ~/.ssh directory is as follows for clarity:

$ ls
config                  shrikant-home
shrikant-home.pub       shrikant-work
shrikant-work.pub       known-host

Let’s say we have “project-home” repository for “shrikant-home” github account and “project-work” repository for “shrikant-work” github account. You need to do the “git remote add” to alias host names with related github account id as follows:

$ git remote add <github account id> git@<related github host alias>:<github account>/projectname.git

Here’s an example for “project-home” repository

$ cd project-home
$ git remote add shrikant-home git@shrikant-home.github.com:shrikant-home/project-home.git

In order to do any commit in this project, you’ll have to use following “git push” command after “git add” and “git commit”

git push <user-name> master

So in above case it will be:

$ git push shrikant-home master

So to reiterate and for the sake of clarity if you want to push changes to “project-work” repository, you need to do “git remote add” with “shrikant-work” userid with related host alias “shrikant-work.github.com” followed by “git push shrikant-work master”

ShriKant Vashishtha is an enterprise Agile Coach, IT strategist, trainer, thinker and hands-on geek. He is passionate towards enterprise Agile transformation, quality aspect of software development including TDD, refactoring, Continuous Delivery, DevOps and Test Automation. He can be reached at vashishtha_sk@yahoo.com.

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