Nanologs – When Blogs and Tweets Don’t Work

Twitter promised brevity. People  didn’t have that much time to look at detailed descriptions or articles. At the same time everybody didn’t have that much of articulation skill so that they could write their experiences properly as web pages.

Twitter is a big thing. However it’s becoming the problem  which exactly it was trying to  solve. It’s again information bombardment. You still require data-miners to separate good information from pile of useless tweets.

On daily basis, you read tweets in the hope that you will find some useful info.

Another problem is – though 140 characters length is a boon, sometimes the research of days cannot be expressed in just tweets.

Right now I am talking about the research we people do on the internet to find out the best possible solution for our needs. For instance as a developer, one may spend the whole day to find out a right way to solve a problem. Similarly a person like me who just started living in Australia may be doing quite a lot of research to find out the best possible way to connect to internet in Perth.

So people do research, find out and experience the best possible result which worked for them but may not have courage to write a blog as it’s time consuming. At the same time, the result of such a research cannot be tweeted in 140 characters. Tweets are not indexed with even Google right now. So even if you take a challenge to express your experience on twitter, people may not be able to find it 2 months later. Also group of tweets doesn’t make sense for overall research as there is no grouping mechanism.

How about something in between tweets and blogs. I am very lazy to jot-down my research experience. So why not  share just pure links which helped me a lot.

That’s what I am refer as Nanolog. Please take a look at some of the Nanologs I have started writing on this blog.

ShriKant Vashishtha is an enterprise Agile Coach, IT strategist, trainer, thinker and hands-on geek. He is passionate towards enterprise Agile transformation, quality aspect of software development including TDD, refactoring, Continuous Delivery, DevOps and Test Automation. He can be reached at

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