Worldwide Distributed Agile Team – Some Thoughts

Question: How do you think we can handle Agile approach with a worldwide distributed team (Latin America, US, France, UK, Germany & Hungary)? I can have developers at one location, but not Product Owner nor QA team. Any experience to share?

Answer: Try using ATDD where QA creates the acceptance tests at the beginning of Sprint. ATDD which is based on FitNesse or BDD. QA/BA along with Product Owner writes the test cases and developers have to implement their code in order to satisfy the acceptance criteria. This QA sits along with product owner. Apart from that have regular testers also on each distributed location.

Use Skype group video or Google+ hangout for distributed meetings. Use to write stuff simultaneously from distributed sides within the meeting.

Have collocation between the distributed teams which are going to collaborate together. That is required to have a good personal bonding. As you said, you can have developers can be at one single location – that’s a good idea. Otherwise multiple distributed teams and then multiple time-zones are very difficult to handle.

Have local as well as distributed standup. Make sure that the entire team is working on shared user-story, shared code-base and people use distributed pair programming.

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