Ubuntu 9.10: Installing RabbitVCS as Subversion Client

As I am migrating towards Ubuntu, I felt the need of having TortoiseSVN like SVN client here also. Out of the options I searched for, RabbitVCS was the closest towards what I was looking for. However while installing it, I faced some issues. This post consolidates them along with solutions. Some of them had to do with minimal requirements of the installation but the one bugged me the most was an issue in RabbitVCS itself. When I had to restart nautilus (nautilus -q) after RabbitVCS installation , it just didn’t work. After some search I found out the same issue at here. If you apply patch mentioned in yet another related issue, it resolves the problem. After installing, I could use similar features as of TortoiseSVN in Ubuntu too and that was quite cool.

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