Working with Cygterm on Windows

Quite a few of my colleagues use Ubuntu as OS for development purposes. For all these years, though I have been working on Linux and UNIX, I haven’t migrated to full-fledged Linux because of many reasons. As working with command line provides a lot of efficiency I use cygwin. However though cygwin works with DOS based “cmd”, I never liked using “cmd” in all these years just because it doesn’t look good compared to putty or similar softwares. With quite a few research I found puttycyg which is a putty extension of cygwin. For this to work, you should already have cygwin installed. After downloading it from you need to create a shortcut on your desktop with following target:

$PATH_TO_PUTTYCYGputtycyg-20090811putty.exe -cygterm -

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